What Exactly is NJ Delaying Traffic Ticket?

2023-03-13 16:04:54 - Traffic Court

There is a possibility that you may receive a citation from a law enforcement officer for 39:4-56, delaying traffic, if you are pulled over alongside one of New Jersey’s many highways or byways. In New Jersey, delaying traffic constitutes a moving violation as it involves the act of an error made by a driver while operating a vehicle on the road. The application of this citation, however, is very broad, and it is less serious in comparison to other moving violations. 

Delaying traffic ticket in NJ is typically used as a warning since it has no serious consequences in the long run. In other words, you might have been charged with failing to maintain a lane, speeding, tailgating, or engaging in other driving behavior that may contribute to disruptions in traffic flow or even accidents on the road, according to the statute. A ‘delaying traffic’ is a broad term covering a variety of activities that our court system deems are equally dangerous to you as well as other motorists. Typically, this charge is assessed with a fine of $54, plus court costs of $33. When you plead guilty to or are convicted of this charge, no points will be assigned to your driving record. You may be lucky if you receive this ticket instead of another citation. 

A New Jersey driver facing a traffic violation will have three choices: pleading guilty and accepting the penalties, retaining the services of an NJ traffic violation attorney, or handling the case independently. Certain circumstances may warrant the use of each of these options. A lawyer with experience may be able to help you downgrade an expensive, points-counting ticket to a ‘delayed traffic’ or ‘unsafe driving’ charge. It could save you both fines and increased insurance premiums, resulting in significant savings.