New Jersey Speeding Tickets & Penalties

2022-06-03 09:38:59 - Traffic Court

Speeding laws in New Jersey require motorists to drive at an appropriate speed limit for different zones. Drivers convicted of driving at a speed exceeding the default speed limit are issued speeding tickets as fines under the speed limit laws in NJ. Although exceeding the default speed limit remains a major ticketed traffic offense, there are a few other variables that influence the severity of the fines, including the egregiousness of the violation such as reckless driving, the type of road, and the area the motorist was speeding in. The consequences include fines and the addition of speeding ticket points to your driving records. Too many points can lead to a license suspension (Codes & Fines for traffic violations in New Jersey).

As per the prima facie speed limits and basic speed law, motorists in New Jersey are required to always drive at an appropriate safe speed.

New Jersey’s Basic Speed Law

In New Jersey, motorists are required to drive at an “appropriate reduced speed” when they approach hazards such as curves or hillcrests, or when traffic, pedestrians, weather conditions, or the like warrants it. In other words, this law prohibits drivers from driving at unsafe speeds regardless of the posted speed limit.

Prima Facie Speed Limits

Most speed limits in New Jersey are determined by prima facie (also referred to as “presumed”).  Based on what zone you are driving in, the various New Jersey speed limits are:

  • School zone: 25 mph
  • Residential and Business districts: 25 mph
  • Certain portions of Route 130 in Burlington City: 25 or 35 mph
  • Lower-density business and residential districts: 35 mph
  • All other roadways: 50 mph
  • State highways: 55 mph
  • Interstate highways: 65+ mph

Prima facie speed limits differ from maximum limits. As with maximum speed limits, if you go over the posted limit, you’re breaking the law. In the event that you are ticketed for driving over the prima facie limit, you may still beat the ticket by showing that the speed was safe despite being over the primary limit.

What a New Jersey Traffic Law Attorney Can do

If you have been charged with a speeding ticket in New Jersey, the first step is to get free legal advice from an experienced defense lawyer like those at Moldovan Law Firm. Our experienced teams of criminal defense attorneys in New Jersey will explore all your options, and fight hard to successfully get your speeding ticket completely dismissed or at least downgraded so that there are fewer points and penalties.

Traffic violations involving speeding are common in the state of New Jersey, though it should not be taken lightly as it involves fines and the addition of points to your driving record that can lead to an increase in your automobile insurance rates and possible license suspension. If you were issued a speeding ticket, contact an experienced attorney at the Moldovan Law Firm without delay.