Landlord-Tenant Law in New Jersey

2021-11-03 16:05:35 - Landlord Tenant

Landlords Rights in New Jersey

Rental agreements under New Jersey law grant landlords to have a lease of the contract with each tenant on their properties. These include the right to initiate rental fees, payment procedures, penalties, start and end dates of the contract, security deposits, and other restrictions, and it depends on the tenant to accept or refuse these restrictions before signing the contract. 

Unless there exists any municipality prohibition, landlords have the right to increase the rent if the economic conditions so deserve. In addition, the law grants landlords to evict tenants for breach of the terms of the landlord-tenant agreement. 

However, New Jersey remains a pro-tenant state, and violating the law can have serious consequences for landlords, often costing a large sum of money. The New Jersey Security Deposit Act, the New Jersey Landlord Registration Act, and the Anti-Eviction Act are a few laws that give expansive rights to tenants, and misinterpreting these laws during a landlord-tenant situation can turn a minor issue into a major legal dispute. This makes it important to get the services of a New Jersey Landlord-Tenant lawyer to make sure that you are on the right side of the law in the dispute. 

For example, if the landlord commits an error, the law not only imposes a huge sum of money as a fine on the landlord but they can even be convicted of guilty of a crime for breaking the law. Irrespective of the number of rental properties that you as a landlord own, there are fair chances of getting entangled in various issues that would make it harder for you to handle. Your best defense against landlord violations would be to implement a thoroughly written lease and follow it up with the right course of action as per NJ landlord-tenant law. Besides, as per new statutes, attorney fees can also be awarded to tenants in landlord-tenant cases. The NJ landlord-tenant law attorney of Moldovan Law Firm can assist landlords in tenant-landlord disputes, representing landlords for a favorable outcome.  

Tenants’ Rights in New Jersey

A tenant is a person or group that is given permission to hold or possess his room, building, land, etc. for a period of time by the landlord in exchange for money as rent. There are certain duties and responsibilities that a tenant has to fulfill such as timely payment of full rent, etc. The law also provides tenants with certain legal rights that prevent anyone, even the landlord to violate. These legal rights include safe and decent housing, a wrongful entry in the premises by the landlord (without tenant permission), and the tenant letting in any people of their choice to their place of stay. Other rights of tenants are the right against eviction with notice, the right to privacy, and the right to withhold paying rent in situations like a critical repair request not done or the existence of serious issues related to health hazards.

As said earlier, New Jersey law is heavily pro-tenant and grants many rights to tenants. Hence for tenants in NJ, it is important to have a thorough understanding of the law and find out if there are any violations of their rights in any way.

The skilled attorneys of Moldovan Law Firm have years of experience in representing tenants, including wrongful eviction and other tenant rights issues to provide the best possible outcome.