Landlord Tenant

New Jersey Landlord Tenant Attorney

Landlord Tenant Attorney

Disputes between landlord and tenant are often mismatched. One party is often in a stronger position because they either control the money or the building. Our task, at Moldovan Legal is to help you even the scales.

Regardless of whether what you need is a ready advocate to represent your interests against an unfair landlord or a critical eye to review your lease agreement, our New Jersey landlord tenant lawyers stand ready to assist you.

We understand that critical aspects of a lease agreement or contract can often get lost in translation. And when they do, the missing or misunderstood aspects can cause all sorts of problems for landlord and tenants. When you contact us, our skilled landlord tenant law attorneys will help you understand the terms of your lease agreement and how they are likely to impact you. When necessary, we will propose changes that work better for you and help you push to have them effected.

Our New Jersey landlord tenant attorneys are able to assist you with all landlord tenant issues including:

  • Negotiating lease agreements

  • Preparing leases or contracts

  • Representation in eviction disputes

  • Breach of lease

  • Landlord harassment

  • Property damage lawsuit

Regardless of what your specific needs are, you can trust that we will listen carefully to you and help you achieve your ends as closely as possible. Want to start a conversation? You can contact us here.

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