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If you or a loved one received a speeding ticket, don’t take it as a minor inconvenience. Motor vehicle violations can have serious consequences to your finances, career, and your family.  You could earn points on licenses, surcharges, suspended licenses, large fines, an increase in insurance premium for the coming years, and even jail time for more serious violations. The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission uses the points and other penalties to track your offenses.  

Paying the fine or accepting a generic plea deal may seem easier, as you may reduce the points, it is often not the best approach. It means you are pleading guilty to accepting the liability of the traffic charge. Instead, you are better off knowing your rights and options available with an experienced traffic ticket lawyer in Jersey City. A  Traffic Ticket Lawyer from Moldovan Law Firm can represent you in court for moving and non-moving violations to achieve the best outcome possible, including dismissal of your charges. 

New Jersey Traffic Tickets

There is a wide range of traffic offense charges in New Jersey and most carry big fines and possible imprisonment for serious violations. Our traffic lawyer in Jersey City NJ helps people with a wide range of traffic ticket charges classified under Moving and Non-Moving violations. 

Moving violations include:

  • Improper Passing
  • Speeding 
  • Reckless Driving
  • Leaving The Scene of an accident
  • Running a Traffic Light
  • DUI

Non-Moving violations include:

  • Driving unlicensed
  • Uninsured driving
  • Driving an Uninsured Vehicle

Defend yourself against any of these charges by calling our Traffic Ticket Lawyer in Jersey City as quickly as possible and let our experienced new jersey attorneys begin creating a defense strategy to protect you and save your financial well-being and your freedom. 

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