Jersey City Real Estate Lawyer


A house is the most expensive single investment that most people make. For commercial property investors, the bets could be equally as large. In Moldovan Law Firm, the Jersey City Real Estate Lawyers represents the interests of both vendors and the pursuits buyers for property situated throughout New Jersey. Purchasing or selling a house or business property may be a thrilling experience in addition to a solid investment. Suffering through the complex contractual and procedural issues concerning property transactions can be an overwhelming task–just one best tackled with a seasoned property attorney’s advice. Whether you take part in a residential or commercial property venture, the very best investment you can make is functioning with an extremely skilled property lawyer. A miscalculation may quickly escalate into expensive courtroom expenditures, possibly putting your property efforts in danger.

A mishandled property transaction can prove to be costly. With our skilled Real Estate Attorney in Jersey City, you may be certain that your crucial matters are managed correctly. We take all property transactions with the utmost care and attention to detail. Our comprehensive approach limits the possibility for unnecessary cost, disputes and other obligations.

We help clients resolve real estate controversies which can include:

  • Primary negotiation for property acquisition and disposal
  • Deal structuring and drafting
  • Letting, sale and leaseback arrangements
  • Tax structuring
  • Foreclosure
  • Transaction review

At Moldovan Law Firm, we provide skilled advocacy and legal counsel to buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants in commercial and residential property law. If you’re buying or selling a part of property, leasing residential or business property in Jersey City and will need to understand how to get an easement or real access to another’s land, we can assist. Get in touch with our office on the internet or telephone at (866) 553-4251 to talk about your real estate transaction today.

Our Jersey City real estate attorneys have extensive experience representing property customers in Jersey City, Newark, NJ, Elizabeth, NJ, East Orange, and Essex county. We’ll apply our years of expertise and legal skills to increase your property investment. Contact our law firm today to schedule a free preliminary consultation.