Jersey City Landlord Tenant Attorney


Relationships between landlords and tenants in Jersey City, New Jersey, can get combative. It’s challenging to be a tenant or a landlord. If one or both parties are not aware of their legal rights and obligations, conflicts can arise. Residential leases and commercial leases are complex and may be difficult to understand. However, when leasing any space in Jersey City, some lease is required. Our Jersey city landlord tenant attorney at Moldovan Law Firm, helps clients understand the nuances of landlord-tenant law, using in-depth knowledge to protect clients’ interests.

Landlords and tenants have to navigate a web of legal rights and commitments. It’s essential that the parties to a landlord/tenant relationship know what obligations they have to one another.

Our New Jersey landlord-tenant attorneys can assist you with all landlord-tenant issues, including:

  • Negotiating lease agreements
  • Preparing leases or contracts
  • Representation in eviction disputes
  • Breach of lease
  • Landlord harassment
  • Property damage lawsuit

If you are in Jersey City, NJ, or one of its surrounding communities such as Newark, NJ, Elizabeth, NJ, East Orange, NJ, and need a landlord-tenant lawyer, contact Moldovan Law Firm today to schedule your initial free consultation with the attorney. or Call Us (866) 553-4251