Jersey City Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are arrested for committing a crime or placed under investigation in Jersey City, the key decision you need to make is the criminal lawyer and the law firm that will be on your side to aggressively fight for your defense. Delay in making this important decision can only worsen the situation. At Moldovan Law Firm, our Jersey City Criminal Defense attorney is focused on defending the rights of our clients and protecting their freedom. 

Whether it is a disorderly person offense (misdemeanor), DWI charge, indictable crime (felony), or juvenile case, our criminal defense attorney will provide a smart and aggressive defense during every phase of the case – from the investigation of the crime scene (finding out government’s evidence, question witnesses, etc.), carrying out legal research, providing a smart and aggressive defense for you in the courtroom to negotiating successfully on your behalf with prosecutors.  

There are cases when individuals are falsely implicated or when there is insufficient evidence available to secure a conviction. Sometimes individuals are unaware of their fundamental rights and unintentionally incriminate themselves when speaking with authorities. Our criminal attorney in Jersey City will ensure that your rights are respected and work to secure the best resolution of your legal situation. This could be dismissal of all charges, plea bargain, or acquittal, depending on the circumstances.  

Get Help from a Jersey City Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing criminal charges in Jersey City, it will benefit you to have a criminal defense lawyer with experience from Moldovan Law Firm. Contact us best attorneys in new jersey, our office by calling (866) 553-4251 or fill out a Free Consultation Form for a free initial evaluation of your case.