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During any divorce or separation, child custody, and visitation arrangements are often the most emotional and contentious parts of the proceedings. Custodial rights are decided by the court after taking into consideration many factors during each unique case for the best interests of the child. Even if there is a child custody agreement between parents, a judge has to agree that the best interest of the child is represented by the settlement. In most cases, a parental agreement that does away with contentious litigation is generally taken in as the best interest of the child. 

To ensure that your voice is heard during the entire process, however, it’s important to speak with Jersey City child custody lawyers, and also to understand the long-term implications of the arrangement. At Moldovan Law Firm, our child custody lawyer in Jersey City work towards making the whole process less stressful and ensuring that the outcome is fair to you and the children.

The Different Types of Child Custody

For clients throughout Jersey City, our Jersey City child custody attorney represent families in all aspects of child custody and visitation that come up during legal disputes, including: 

  • Sole legal custody
  • Joint legal custody
  • Residential custody
  • Modifications to existing orders
  • Grandparent rights, including visitation, etc.
  • Shared parenting and schedules, and other aspects of parenting time

Once a divorce involving children is granted, the court almost always requires one parent to pay child support to the other. Usually, the support payments are given to the parent having more physical custody of the children. Determining the support payment, however, may involve complicated calculations, and it makes sense to get the services of a lawyer to help you. Otherwise, there are good chances of you either paying too much or too little on child support. The Jersey City Child Custody Lawyers at Moldovan Law Firm are available in assisting you to arrive at a proper support arrangement 

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Custody battles can bring out the worst sides of people, and it’s helpful to enlist the services of an experienced child support lawyer in Jersey City to make sure you achieve a fair custody agreement and protect the best interest of your child. If you are going through a divorce and need legal assistance with your child custody arrangement, contact our Jersey City lawyer at Moldovan Law Firm for a free consultation. 

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