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A divorce that will interrupt your children’s lives and place limits on your time with them is a heart-wrenching experience. Each action you take during the process must be carefully considered in light of appropriate laws and your unique family situation.

If you are going through a divorce in Jersey City and you have a child with your spouse, you should retain skillful legal representation as soon as possible. There is much at stake in a divorce, and you need to ensure your rights are fully protected. When determining child custody matters, the court will look at what is in the child’s best interests.

Types of Child Custody in Jersey City:

Sole legal custody: This is when only one parent has the jurisdiction to make the crucial decisions for the child without negotiating with the other. Such significant decisions are usually linked to education, medical care, and religious guidance.

Joint legal custody: This is when parents must agree with each other and reach a consensus on the big, important decisions that affect the child. Every day, run-of-the-mill decisions like what to pack for lunch or what time the kids will go to bed are elected by the parent in possession of the child at the time. However, whether or not the child will get support is a big decision and should be made jointly.

Shared physical custody: This is when the child lives with both parents an equal amount of time. Sometimes this can be a week on/week off schedule, or the rotation can be more challenging to suit the family’s requirements.

About Child Custody Issues:

We know how critical child-related family law issues are for you as a parent. We are committed to using the skills and knowledge to help you protect and maintain the relationships you have with your children and grandchildren. Jersey City Child Custody Lawyer will work to help you build child visitation and custody agreements that work for you today and ages from now. As required, we will serve you in your high-conflict custody case or child relocation cases. An experienced Jersey City family law attorney is an essential associate in such situations.

When you face parenting time issues, you must have representation you can trust. To schedule an initial consultation with one of our child custody lawyers, call (866) 553-4251 or contact us online.