How do New Jersey drivers Deal with Out-of-State Traffic Violations?

2023-01-05 08:23:09 - Traffic Court

As a result of a conviction or plea of guilty to a moving violation in New Jersey, points will be recorded against your driver’s license. And, you are more likely to receive a ticket when you are traveling outside of your home state, as officers will be more inclined to issue out-of-state driving license holders a ticket rather than give them a warning. In addition, minor traffic violations may incur fines, affect insurance rates, and can lead to the driver losing their driving privileges if they accumulate too many tickets. You may be hoping your out-of-state speeding ticket won’t be discovered by your authorities back home. However, your indiscretion will almost certainly be reported to the state that issued your license. As well as your insurer.

A majority of the states are part of the Interstate Driver License Compact (DLC). Under this Compact, all moving violations will be automatically reported, regardless of whether they are related to drunk driving or driving while revoked. Massachusetts, Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, and Wisconsin don’t belong to the DLC. In the event that an out-of-state violation occurs, the MVS will impose two points. A maximum of two points may be assessed. New Jersey, for instance, imposes five points on drivers who speed 30 mph over the speed limit. It is, however, possible for a New Jersey driver to receive only two points as an out-of-state speeding ticket with an NJ license for speeding when it takes place out of state. In the case of serious violations, such as DUIs, your record will surely be impacted. 

In addition, New Jersey is a member of the Nonresident Violator Compact, which includes 43 other states (including DC), excluding Alaska, California, Montana, Oregon, Michigan, and Wisconsin. Receiving a ticket in a Compact state does not have the effect of detaining you out of state, however, if you fail to meet the conditions of the ticket, then NJ will suspend your license.

The cost of contesting a traffic ticket that has been issued out-of-state, however, is often higher than simply paying the fine, especially when you’re not a resident of the county where your ticket was issued. It is recommended that you hire an out-of-state traffic ticket lawyer who is licensed to practice in that state if you intend to contest the ticket. Getting points on your license as a result of a traffic violation can be prevented with the help of a traffic ticket lawyer.  

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