Divorce Attorney Jersey City

Legal separation and marriage termination are difficult things a person can go through. Having qualified and compassionate family lawyers on your side can help you get through these trying times with the best possible result. At Moldovan Law Firm, we understand what our clients are going through, and our divorce lawyer in Jersey City works closely to provide honest and ethical legal representation throughout the case. 

Family Issues 

The divorce lawyers of Moldovan Law Firm have represented families and individuals throughout Jersey City. We understand the delicate nature of each legal issue and personally guide each client through every aspect of filing a divorce and devising a legal strategy for a positive marital dissolution of the family law case. The family lawyers of Moldovan Law Firm are committed to navigating all the aspects of family law issues, including: 

Child Custody/Visitation & Support – One major concern that families confront when it comes to obtaining a divorce is child custody and support. There is the need to figure out custody arrangements, settle for visitation rights, and set up support. The process for an amicable solution can be a very complicated process, especially if the partners do not share the same views. The Jersey City divorce attorneys will work toward a custody resolution to ensure full representation of parental rights. 

Property Division – The equal division of your assets and debts is a major concern in property division. Jersey law mandates an equitable distribution of property and money when the marriage ends. What it means is that property division should be determined after considering the fairness of individual marriage circumstances. Our divorce lawyers in Jersey City are committed to making the theory a reality. 

Alimony – Figuring out alimony can be an extremely difficult topic. This is because many factors need to be considered, including providing proof to the court that you need spousal support to maintain a lifestyle comparable to the one that existed during the marriage. Our firm is committed to obtaining a positive outcome. 

Divorce mediation – Whether your choice is to mediate or litigate, the divorce lawyer in Jersey City can help to reach a fair resolution. 

Do you have questions about divorce in Jersey City, NJ, or do you need assistance with your divorce case? You should have one of our experienced Jersey City, NJ divorce attorneys on your side to advocate for your rights and ensure a successful dissolution of your case. If you looking for new jersey lawyers contact Moldovan Law Firm to learn more about the services we provide to clients in and around New Jersey.