Contract Law Attorney Elizabeth, NJ

If you face significant concerns in construction, insurance law, or prosecution, you know you have to take specific action to protect your interests.

At Moldovan Law Firm, our contract law attorneys in Elizabeth, NJ, can help you do that. We represent individuals and businesses in a critical array of issues as litigators dedicated to exceptional client service and results.

Why is Careful Review of a Contract Necessary?

Since you are bound by the terms of a contract you sign, it is censorious to understand your rights and obligations. If you fail to abide by one or more times, you can be sued for breach of contract dispute and may have to pay harm to the other party. The same goes for agreements you enter into that are breached by the other side, so you need to know when you have the right to sue.

The Consequences of Breach of Contract

They are failing to follow the terms of a contract outcome in breach of contract. Consequences for breach of contract vary depending on the kind of agreement involved.

Breach of an employment contract by an employee can lead to business litigation by the employer in opposition to the former employee. Potential harms include the requirement to pay financial losses or preceding another job opportunity.

The Advantage of Professional Assistance with Breach or Potential Breach of Contract

Breach of contract is a significant legal action and should be defended or pursued aggressively. Nevertheless of which side of the breach you are on, it is imperative to seek professional assistance due to:

  • Violation of the Contract: To successfully defend or pursue this type of action, you will require the help of a contract law attorney to identify the events of the breach. Once identified, it is obligatory to outline the reality that makes up the breach and present that evidence to the Court for review.
  • Anticipatory Breach of Contract: If you indicate that the other party or parties do not intend to follow through with what is needed, you can seek relief for an anticipatory breach. To do so, it is essential to precisely outline the facts leading up to the expected breach and outline how the potential breach will cause you harm.

In some instances, the breach of contractual terms is such that payment will be an appropriate remedy to the party damaged. Still, in other cases, a complete undoing of the contract is necessary.

Some of the most common kinds of contracts our firm assists with include:

  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Business sale documents
  • Vendor agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Licensing agreements

If you need assistance drafting a contract or having questions about an agreement presented to you, schedule an initial office consultation, contact us online, or call us at (866) 553-4251.