Contract Law Attorney East Orange, NJ

Contracts are the backbone of a solid business transaction. Individuals and companies hang upon contracts to allow them to engage in business. Nearly all business litigation issues have, at their core, at least one contract dispute. Experienced East Orange, NJ contract dispute attorneys at Moldovan Law Firm, brings the same hardworking, innovative approach to business litigation and contract dispute resolution. Their one goal is to attain a successful solution that protects your rights and preserves your interests.

Contracts embrace every phase of your personal and professional life. From the acquisition of a home to the buying of a car, you encounter contracts virtually daily. Contracts play indeed as significant a role in the work atmosphere as they do at home. There are innumerable things you do every day in your business that involve contractually enforceable titles and obligations.

Some of the most common types of contracts our firm assists with including:

  • Asset purchase agreements
  • Employment agreements
  • Partnership agreements
  • Business sale documents
  • Vendor agreements
  • Non-compete agreements
  • Licensing agreements

Our dedicated team of Moldovan Law Firm contract law attorneys knows that sophisticated negotiation skills and a well-written agreement can prevent or limit future contract disputes from arising.

If you need assistance drafting a contract or having questions about an agreement presented to you, schedule an initial office consultation, Contact us online, or call us at (866) 553-4251