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New Jersey Contract Law Attorney

Contract Law Attorney

The American economy was built on the foundation of free enterprise between hardworking people. Since contracts are exchanges of promises between related parties, it is important that these promises are kept if business will run smoothly. Our job, at Moldovan Legal, is to help enforce those promises in your favor.

We also appreciate the fact that even though promises must be kept, they must be reasonable and be in accordance with the law. To this end, our New Jersey contract law attorneys are deeply skilled in the practice of drafting and reviewing agreements. Our contracts are clear and they protect our clients’ interests.

Our attorneys negotiate, draft, review and enforce a wide range of contracts including:

  • Asset purchase agreements

  • Employment agreements

  • Partnership agreements

  • Business sale documents

  • Vendor agreements

  • Non-compete agreements

  • Licensing agreements

When issues crop up with respect to agreements involving our clients, our New Jersey contract law attorneys also bring impressive negotiation and litigation skills to the table. We are capable of helping you enforce your rights under contracts or when breaches occur. Contact our contract law attorneys for effective advice and representation today.


With our extensive experience in core civil and criminal litigation areas, there’s hardly any case we have not seen. 

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