Child Custody Lawyer Jersey City

Child custody is among the most emotionally charged issues which arise in a New Jersey family law case. Unfortunately, disagreements between parents often impact their children the most, causing turbulence and turmoil in their own lives. This can happen even if the parents are trying their best to protect and insulate the children from the battle. We know that it is the children’s best interest to attempt to bring disputes to a quick, successful resolution.

The Jersey City child custody attorneys at Moldovan Law Firm are dedicated to helping you reach a resolution which best suits you and your loved ones. We will thoroughly investigate the details of your case to build carefully arranged arguments and work vigorously to secure your rights as a parent. To explore your child custody situation, call us today at (866) 553-4251 or complete our contact form to the right to schedule your free case review.

When a Custody Trial Is Necessary?

In certain scenarios, it’s simply not possible for separating parents to come to an arrangement on where their children should live. If parents cannot reach a consensus concerning primary prosecution or managing conservatorship, it might be necessary to get a family court judge or jury to decide.

Using a skilled child custody lawyer in Jersey City, NJ to represent you’re vital. If you can’t come to an agreement, the court will determine what is in the best interests of your children. If left to a family court judge to determine, the result may not be exactly what either you or your ex hoped for. As experienced negotiators, we will work together with your ex’s attorney to reach an amicable agreement that serves your interests.

In some family law cases, you may need to go through ongoing negotiations and make a good-faith effort at resolution during court-ordered mediation. If you still cannot reach an agreement in mediation, then your case might have to be resolved through a trial.

Facing a Child Custody Situation in Jersey City, NJ?

Every parent wants what is best for their kid. If you’re involved in a child custody dispute, in Newark then you ought to have competitive, committed, and extremely experienced legal representation in court. Contact Jersey City child custody attorneys in Moldovan Law Firm today at (866) 553-4251 or complete our contact form to schedule your Free Consultation.